American Apparel quietly pulls nail polish citing "hazardous materials"

January 26, 2010

Earlier this month, I wrote about American Apparel’s new nail polish collection.  I went to the store and bought a couple of colors, and so did my girl friends.  I am actually wearing the Downtown L.A. red polish right now. I loved these nail lacquers because they were so cheap but stayed on my nails longer than a week. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but word on the street is that the American Apparel nail polish might be hazardous.  According to Jezebel, American Apparel quietly pulled its nail polish from the shelves due to “quality issues with glassware.” The company also added that the polish might be contain “hazardous material.”

An employee with a conscience leaked out a letter American Apparel sent to its employees.


Due to some quality issues with the glassware used in the American Apparel nail polish we are requesting all bottles be taken off the sales floor immediately. We are working closely with our vendor to improve the product, and will be shipping an improved polish within 5-10 days. Please remove the nail polish from the floor and store it in the back. We will let you know how to dispose of it on the Monday back stock conference call.

THE ABOVE IS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYEES OF THE COMPANY ONLY. If customers inquire about the nail polish, please inform them that we are preparing our new stock and that they should check back soon. Also, let them know that we are launching 6 new colors for Spring! Give them a card to the store and encourage them to call and check if we’ve received our new shipment.

Your compliance is appreciated. Please contact me directly with any questions.

Thank you,


 I guess the company didn’t want to alarm the public with this news. It’s very irresponsible on their part to keep this on the hush hush because people will continue using the colors they bought.  I am bummed that I spent more than $30 on a couple of bottles and feel outraged that the company isn’t manning up to take responsibility and recalling the product. My health is way more important that $30 worth of polish. I would have at least cared to know that using the polish might be “hazardous” to my health.

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