Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier Overalls at BET 106 & Park

December 13, 2009

Rihanna is a certified style icon, there’s no denying that. The chanteuse has fun with fashion and no matter what she’s going through, manages to look very chic and put on a brave face. Her confidence in her style is so solid that she can wear anything and make it look good. Always the one setting trends and introducing fashionistas to new designers, Rihanna is one star designers are dying to dress.

You have to have fun with fashion, an idea Rihanna has always thrown out to fans. For her appearance onBET’s 106 & Park last week, Rihanna confidently wore Jean Paul Gaultier overalls from the s/s 2010 collection. The jaipur pant leg overalls were not really a favorite of mine but then again, I would not wear overalls whatsoever. On the runway, the overalls were worn over a long sleeve top but Rihanna opted for just a bra. In a way, this look reminds me of Aaliyah from the 90s.

Tomboy chic is what I call this look. Who else can pull off a hairnet or maybe fishnet wrapped around the her head, fishnet gloves and chains? The one and only Rihanna. She still looks fabulous with an added touch of androgyny in the blush pink lace-up boots. I know what some of you are thinking: she looks like Aunt Jemima in that headnet. Fashion is objective, I always say. I love the look, will probably never wear it, but love it. The Jean Paul Gaultier denim collection is a collaboration with Levi.

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