You may not be a Bottega but you sure are sweet…

I wish I could afford to stock my closet with tons of Bottega Veneta Intrecciato woven leather handbags. And if I had Oprah’s bank account, I would also include the knot clutch in every color, aside from donating tons of money for good of course. Yes it might sound superficial for me to think about possessions but everyone has something that makes them feel good.

So I don’t have a millions bucks but that doesn’t stop me from splurging on a few things. Sure I might be stuck eating Apple Jacks and milk for a couple of weeks but at least I look good right? I just checked out ModCloth after chatting online with my friend Agatha to check out the new items and couldn’t help but linger over the Bittersweet Symphony Bag.

The bag reminds me a lot of Bottega Veneta with it’s intricately woven strips of bittersweet brown and copper suede. At just $57.99 the only thing bitter about the bag is that it’s not Bottega but the sweet thing is that I don’t have to go broke buying this bag. Perfect for a weekend shopping trip, a sheath dress and pumps or just jeans and a t-shirt and a leather jacket, the Bittersweet Symphony bag is music to my ears.