Victoria Beckham Collection Denim

November 28, 2009

No other woman inducted into the unofficial pro athlete Wives & Girlfriends Club has been as controversial, loved, hated, admired and wanted more than former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. Equally known for her waif thin figure, the singer has turned her talents to designing clothing. The Victoria Beckham collection of frocks debuted this spring to rave reviews from Vogue and other fashion critics and why not? Even just a soccer game is a cause to dress up for, according to Posh. I fell in love with her clothing collection not only for its lady-like silhouettes but for the fact that women of all shapes and sizes can wear. The frocks are expensive but she took the time to include shape wear and corseting in each to make them figure flattering.

I wish I could say the same about her denim collection, which is meant for a size 4 and below. Ok so I’m exaggerating a bit. I bet the denim sizing goes up to a 10 or 12 but seriously, I am being frank when I say that I don’t think anyone above a size 6 or 8 looks good in skinny denim. I have girlfriends who are in the size 2 and 4 range but cannot fit their calves into skinny jeans. The Victoria Beckham denim collection is super cute. I mean they look fab on her and the model. I am also certain most socialites, actresses and models who rock them will look great but what about the average person? I have to give Posh kudos for strategically placed pieces of black to whittle down the thighs a bit more. I do love the denim though and if I were skinny enough to pull off the skinny jeans, I would consider wearing them.

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