Tips from Oprah’s Shoe & Handbag Boutique special

November 2, 2009

Could you look instantly slimmer and leaner with the right pair of shoes? I am sitting here watching Oprah's shoe and handbag intervention. I guess it never dawned on me that one could be wearing the wrong style shoe for their body because I've always picked the shoes that work for me. Aside from trying to squeeze my feet into smaller size heels, the only other crime I'm guilty of in the shoe department is owning too many shoes for my own good. Shoes are so easy to buy because unlike jeans and dresses, I always know they will fit my feet.

Ok back to Oprah. I got a few takeaways from the Shoe & Handbag boutique segment that I thought would be helpful to readers. First things first, always make sure your heels are the right size to prevent pain and foot deformities. When wearing slingbacks, make sure the back of the heel isn't protruding out of the shoe.

Animal prints and other designs are perfectly for almost everything in your closet. They go with blacks, reds, beiges, khakis and many more. The one rule to remember is to make sure the style is contemporary. That means skip those clogs and mukluks in leopard and zebra prints.

Women with wide feet need to know where to shop for larger width shoes. You don't want your feet spilling on the sides of your shoes. This is a don't don't just like an ill fitting bra. A pointed heel will slim down your feet, making it look a lot narrower. Online stores like Zappos, Piperlime and Nordstrom stock narrow This woman has wide feet and a pointed toe heel. Stuart Weizman makes fabulous shoes for wide feet.
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