Jason Wu talks Fashion BS with Elaine and James

November 19, 2009

Let’s cut the politeness and start being real ya’ll. We all know those who pay the high price for fashion, the gals in the city who behave badly and what the hot trends are, who’s hot and who’s not but we all keep mum about all of it. Just because you’re tight lipped doesn’t mean those secrets are safe.

Watch out fashionistas, there’s a new show in town, bending all the rules and changing the fashion game and no one is immune to their infectious knack for chatting up famous designers, local celebutants and giving us the 411 about fashion.

Fashion BS, hosted by PR at Partner’s stylist James Cornwell and fashion maven Svelte, LLC’s Elaine Mensah, is on the prowl for what’s hot, what’s not, who’s hot and who’s not as well as giving Washingtonians more style with their fresh take on fashion and beauty. The duo debuted the Fashion BS radio show in September and since then have nabbed big names for the show. No one is safe when Elaine and James are on the scene. Designer Jason Wu was in town earlier this month debuting his spring collection at Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase. He sat down with Fashion BS to dish on his collection, designing for Michelle Obama and fashion in general. Listen to the entire interview here: Jason Wu talks to Fashion BS.

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