Aftersoles | Perfect SOLEution to Stiletto-induced sorrows after hours

November 25, 2009

Over the summer I introduced you to Citisoles, a new line of foldable flats that fit perfectly in any purse to keep commuters looking chic during their long walks from the train to the office and anytime in between. I raved about them because someone had finally created a simple solution to the age old problem: how do I carry two shoes with me everywhere without making my purse dirty with gunk my shoes pick up from the streets. Citisoles come with their own nylon pouch that hold your heels so that you don’t have to make them dirty. Simple enough.

Fast forward a couple of months. The makers of Citisoles have taken the concept a step further with Aftersoles, portable ballet flats for the dance floor. Aftersoles come in three fabulous metallic colors: Gold, silver and black. I know you share my sentiments when I say that I get fed-up with my heels after midnight. Walking around the city all night long, I usually end up at one place for the rest of the night with sweaty dancing. Why should I ruin my heels on a slick dance floor where a majority of the dancers are inebriated, spilling drinks all over my precious shoes and don’t give a rat’s a#% about destroying my shoes with Redbull Vodka concoctions or rum and cokes. I would rather stick my stilettos in the nylon pouch and slip on the Aftersoles ballet flats and dance the night away. I mean who will be looking at my feet on the sweaty dance floor anyway?

Aftersoles are just $14.99, the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life. I am going to be gifting friends with these flats this season, especially for the holiday gifts exchanges that call for a spending limit of $20 or less. I’ll just get a bottle of red nail polish from Revlon and wrap them both up for the perfect holiday gift.

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