Louis Vuitton goes Afrocentric and hipster chic for S/S 2010

October 15, 2009

Marc Jacob’s collection for S/S 2010 Louis Vuitton was a delight. The show, which apparently started right on time, left half the front row empty as late arrivals were shutout of the show. What could you expect from Louis Vuitton? Afros, kitten-heeled clogs and funky hipster inspired clothing which Marc Jacobs says is a tribute to the ’80s and ’90s New Age traveller and “street clothes, embracing the hippie-cyber, tribal-punk world,” according to Marc Jacobs. Say what?

The wigs, which were larger than life made from five smaller afro wigs sewn together. As models bobbled up and down the runways, sources say that Vogue’s Grace Coddington cooed with delight. Marc Jacobs himself wore furry clogs for the finale and made it look uber chic. Are clogs really coming back for the spring? I hop not because despite their comfort and ease of wear, they are not sexy. Not in the least bit. Not even with the Louis Vuitton label on them. What I will do however, is rock an afro-chic hairstyle in an ode to spring.

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