Would you rock these Louis Vuitton tights this fall?

September 29, 2009

Ooh! La! la! I want to wrap my gams in these sexy Louis Vuitton monogrammed tights. I thought they were a bit cheesy at first glance but they grew on me after the second, third and tenth glances. I tend to wear below the knee dresses and skirts and love pairing them with tights in the cooler months. I normally hate advertising a particular brand on my body, no matter what brand it is, but I could make an exception for these. First of all, those of us frugalistas looking to rock the LV look won’t have to break the bank on a $1000 clutch to feel good but I’m not sure it’s practical to spend hundreds of dollars on a tights. Second, I can’t think of a more glamorous way to keep warm while looking fabulous in LV tights but then again I wouldn’t want to be walking billboard for the brand.

Oh what is a girl to do? The sleekest way to wear these tights would be to pair it with a monochromatic outfit. A black sheath dress or colored a line dress plus some YSL Tribute pumps would be fabulous. An Alexander Wang T-shirt dress or long sleeved mini dress from H&M or Forever21 would look great as well. I haven’t mastered the art of wearing prints all over my legs without looking fatter and I am betting these tights would probably would not to a bootylicious gal any justice but it sure is fun to get decked out in LV tights for one night. Oh the waste!

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