Who doesn’t love Tim Gunn?

September 23, 2009

“A fad is a trend if it works for you,” Tim Gunn

I had the opportunity of sitting at the press briefing during Tim Gunn’s visit to Virginia on Saturday. He was presenting a fall trend review of Liz Claiborne brands, Lucky Jeans, Kate Spade, Kenzie and Juicy Couture. I fell madly deeply in love with his kind hearted and thoughtful approach to fashion. Never one to dictate what the masses should wear, Tim advised the fashion show attendees to wear what works for them but always put the following three principles to the test each time they shop: Proportion, Fit and Silhouette.

Something I didn’t know about Tim: he hates wearing pocket squares. He told us that he always puts together his suits on his bed with a pocket square in it and gushes at how nice it looks but feels like he has “a little demon in my pocket telling me I look like an ass.”

On man scarves: “put any scarf on a man and it becomes a man scarf.” He said all the males on this season’s Project Runway, besides him and Michael Kors, wore scarves. He also said his most daring fashion trend would be wearing pocket squares.

An example of two dresses you can “make it work” for any occasion and any age. Tim took us through updating and putting together various looks using things that most women have in their closet.

The delicate little bow inside this Kate Spade jacket made me go gaga. I want it in my closet.

This Kate Spade ensemble is so MAD MEN.

Read the Washingtonian coverage of the event here.

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