Shades of Hue: Road Trip to Georgia

September 14, 2009

My friend Sasha and I hopped in her Jetta in the wee hours of the morning (ahem 4:00am) and headed down south for Labor Day weekend. The 8 hour road trip took us to Beaufort, South Carolina where the people are super friendly, the beaches are beautiful and shopping is scarce but hidden treasures are bountiful. We spent the night there attending Beaufort High School’s football game and then heading for the waterfront for dancing.

The next day we headed to Atlanta, Georgia, the booming metropolis of the South. I haven’t been to Atlanta since college so it was a big eye opener. I got the chance to see the city through the eyes of an adult and I must say I really fell in love with the city. It’s got charm, a great nightlife, a bustling economy and great potential.

Our hostess, another Sasha, took us out to Uptown Restaurant & Lounge on Saturday night. For those of you familiar with magazines, you probably know that Uptown Magazine has its namesake lounges in New York and Atlanta. Paying $20 to get into a club or $30 to skip the line and get a table was a bit much but the drinks were flowing and the prices were just right. It was easy to fall in love with the city when drinks prices were cheaper than Washington.

A friend of Sasha’s rented a few house boats for an afternoon turned late night partying on the water. I felt right at home with the young and fabulous 20s and 30something crowd who call Atlanta home. Their style, differing slightly from Washington’s, was eclectic, fresh and fun.

One of my favorite parts of the day was snapping pics of party goers decked out in board shorts, bikinis and caftans. Some ladies even donned hats. It was the perfect end to a beautiful summer. I adored the various sunglasses people wore on the boat and at the barbecue the next day

Sasha S aka Fierce, who was such a hospitable hostess to Sasha H and me in Georgia.

I love the Tom Ford inspired shades.

Anne’s gold tinted Oakley’s were perfect for her sunkissed skin and yellow bikini.

Traxx and I fought over these shades for two days but he ended up with them since they matched his outfit.

Ruth, the super stylish fashionista, made me covet her shoes when we went out on the town but her sunglasses at the barbecue was stellar.

I loved Donta’s sunglasses that almost wrap around his face. Perfect for a party by the pool. I absolutely loved his style, a bit preppy with an urban twist.

Danny’s aviators flatter his gray shirt and his face frame.

Julian’s D&G sunglasses. “I’m sorry you thought they were missing. I hope you got them back :-)” All in all it was the perfect vacay to end the summer. Filled with new friends, new hopes and the anticipation of fall and covering up a bit more.

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