OMG I love your accessories

September 16, 2009

WUSA 9 aka CBS affiliate in Washington’s traffic reporter and blogging maven Angie Goff is no stranger to fashion. The gal has to be on television every single day in seriously stylish outfits and guessing from how much her style is coveted by her fans, she knows how to not repeat outfits or at least make it appear as though each outfit is brand spanking new by accessorizing them.

OMGoff as she is known by many here in DC has some seriously chic accessories including bags, shoes and broaches. If only I could be a fly in her closet, I would snag everything she has. I saw her on Sunday hanging with her friend Emily (girl in the green dress), Angie’s sister Jenny and Kate Michael. Check out their accessories below. I want want want every single item.

Emily’s cream Chloe platforms are so adorable. The complimented her green one shoulder dress.

Don’t you just love the bowtie?

Gushing over her Bottega Veneta Impero clutch.

Angie was wearing all black but accented it with a Ferragamo tote and…
Calvin Klein lizard skin pumps.

Loved the back of this girl’s top so much that I had to include.

Kate’s Paula Mendoza earrings. She told me she got them at Muleh.

Kate’s large evelope clutch. She got it at Loeman’s.

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