Audrey Tautou glamour in leather and lace

September 10, 2009

Audrey Tautou is as cute as can be with her super cropped dark wavy coif and her pixie like features. We fell in love with her in Amelie then again in A Very Long Engagement and even more in The Davinci Code. I never really put her in the category of a styleauteur until she signed on for the Coco Avant Chanel movie. The French actress’ style quotient has risen ten fold with Karl Lagerfeld as her fairy godfather who dresses her in classic Chanel ensembles that bring our her good girl image even more.

Audrey was spotted at a recent press conference for Coco Avant Chanel in Tokyo in a black and white combo that Chanel herself would be proud of to sport. Bedecked in head-to-toe Chanel, she looks absolutely stunning in a high waisted knee length leather skirt, a bow bedecked lace blouse and black round toe pumps. Who ever thought leather and lace would look so ethereal? Normally the lace and leather combo connotes sex, lies and rock ‘n roll but not in this look, which reflects a clean cut and demure Audrey.

The look is c’est magifique because it is very clean and unfussy. She wears no accessories, either earrings or rings but adds a punch of color with red nail polish, which I’m guessing is by Chanel, and pink blush and mauve lips.

You can go to Chanel and buy the look and break the bank or get it for less with these options below.

The top Audrey is wearing has ribbon detailing, which can be easily replicated by buy ribbon and using fabric glue or no sew glue to adhere to a lace shirt.



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