Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeeper Peepers Tote

July 14, 2009

Is it bad that I actually want this Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeeper Peepers Tote? At first glance one might say that this looks like a homemade tote. True! But that’s why I like it. It’s so simple and whimsical.

I can carry this bag with me to the library or even to the pool but I guess the added perk is knowing that it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs (not to be a label whore).

The original price of this tote bag was $88, which I would never purchase. Now the bag is on sale for $34.90 at Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s a great deal for a designer piece. I just adore the googly eyes on the tote bag.

If I don’t get the tote, I might make one myself, which shouldn’t be that hard. I can probably find a cheap tote bag at one of the craft stores or just make my own with pinstriped fabric.

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