Glamazon Diaries Mid Year Report

July 7, 2009

Behind every successful person is a team of individuals who motivate, challenge and nurture this person’s talent and goals. I am no different. Over the past two years, I’ve truly wrapped my arms around my passion for pushing DC into the fashion spotlight, showing the world that fashion does exist in Washington, that our city is eclectic, passionate, discerning and best of all aware of all that goes on in fashion. Often times the only portrayal of Washington is that of politicians, scandals and the plight of our under served and underprivileged. There have been times when I have gotten frustrated because I felt as though I were the only person who believed in my vision, that no one really cared.

Well I realized there aren’t that many people who are truly, madly and deeply glued to catapulting Washington to the top of the fashion map but there are people who support and encourage it. I’ve always believed in a higher power and that when if we really want something, we can make it happen by believing. My friends have been my torch and my rock over the past two years as I try to find my footing in fashion and lifestyle. Each of them in their very own way has encouraged me, motivated, challenged me and even believed in me even when I felt like throwing in the towel; always keeping me focused and goal-oriented.

This year has been a very good one so far. We’re only halfway in the calendar year but I have accomplished so much in getting the word out about the Glamazon Diaries and fashion in Washington with the help of my support system. With the help of Glamazon Diaries fans, friends like Agatha and Sasha, I was able to get a feature in the Washingtonian. My friends Lauren, Ashleigh, Charmaine, Katherine, Sophie, Krista and Alicia all encouraged me to write write write and provided feedback on ways to improve my blog. Angie Goff, who I met through twitter and turns out was a fan of my blog, got me on our local CBS affiliate WJLA and through that have made lasting connections. Marlene and Lilly, who I call my life coaches and agents provide me with sound advice and help me keep my eye on the prize. Marlene in particular has gone as far pitching my writing and my story to Robin Givhan of the Washington Post, news stations and newspapers and online magazines.

Recently, Marlene, also a writer, wrote in to Robert Fulton of On Tap magazine about my mission of bringing fashion to the District and nurturing and helping it grow. Her tireless efforts paid off when Robert agreed to make the trek to Friendship Heights for my Glam in the City event at Neiman Marcus to interview me. The article came out this week in the July issue of On Tap magazine, also available in hard copy. The article really captures all I wish for this city and ways I am trying to contribute. I encourage you all to check it out and let me know what you think.

I am very fortunate for my team of motivators, influencers and advisors, without whom I would be lost in getting my footing. I want to thank each and every one of them for being there for me, despite my shortcomings and my stubbornness. This is only the beginning for me and my dream of starting a fashion magazine or getting one of the major pubs to back a serious fashion column to get the attention of designers in NYC, Paris and Milan. Why shouldn’t they show their resort collection here? Why shouldn’t Vogue, Bazaar and Elle magazine editors travel to the District to check out the latest our unsung designers have to offer?

The next step in this journey is to get the major Washington magazines interested in the topic of fashion, not just slapping together predictable editorial shoots on the pages of their glossies or projecting the faces of the same ole Washington on their pages, but for recognizing the fashionistas, the glamazons and guys who work tirelessly to make Washington less about politics and scandals and more about fashion and style.

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