Elements of Style: 18 Year-Old Designer Bishme Cromartie

July 10, 2009

Bishme Cromartie, a 18 year-old fashion designer hailing from Baltimore, MD has been on my radar for the past six months after hearing his story from a Demetress Valentine, a local stylist who was helping the designer with his photo shoot. One look at Bishme’s collection of gorgeously well-crafted gowns was all it took for me to recognize what a hidden gem he is. I called him immediately and vowed to help catapult his name in the fashion world.

Bishme is no stranger to fashion. He’s been sewing since 13 and in the past two years began designing for fashion shows. His exuberant spirit and creative flair gives a breath of life to his designs. Not a piece of clothing he designs lacks dimension, depth or sophistication. A chocolate gown with an embellished bodice so vivacious and decadent that one would thing she were covered in chocolate mousse.

I have been raving about Bishme’s collection for a while, singing his praises to friends, colleagues and writers around the area. His story is compelling and is worth telling. Bishme Cromartie, an African American kid from Baltimore has been creating some amazing fashion collections for several years. Coming from an impoverished background, he saw sewing as an alternative to gangs and a means of helping his family.

One look at his visually stimulating designs and you will see that we truly have genius in our own area. He’s young, talented and hungry for creating extraordinary pieces that celebrate womanhood. He’s determined to put himself up there with the masters, McQueen, Jacobs, KorsKawakuboTisci and Vali.

I pitched his story to the Washington Times a few weeks ago and I am happy to report that they were compelled by Bishme’s story enough to publish it on the front page of the arts section today. Here is the link to the article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jul/10/baltimore-teen-creates-bold-life-in-fashion/

Bishme is showing his spring and summer 09 collection in Baltimore Fashion Week next week and will follow up with a showing at Philadelphia Fashion Week. The goal is to get him to New York Fashion Week this fall. He has already gotten nods from New York’s fashion set and fashion week organizers to show. All he needs are the resources to get there.

This is only the beginning for Bishme. I am going to throw a cocktail party to get him all he needs for this endeavor. I feel like crying just writing this because the joy of seeing his dreams come true is just so overwhelming.


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