Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine launches Basics of Beauty DVD

June 23, 2009

Celebrity make-up artist Sam Fine launched his brand new dvd The Basics of Beauty at the Warren-Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The legendary makeup artist who’s been keeping Hollywood starlets, musicians, business moguls and models looking flawless on the runway, red carpet, glossies and television for over a decade, brought out the star power for the star studded affair.

Among Sam Fine’s clients are the ever flawless Iman, Deborah Cox, actress Gabrielle Union, model Arlenis Sosa, talkshow vixen Wendy Williams and RuPaul, who opted for pants, a tshirt and blazer, and Vanessa Williams, the woman Sam has touted as his muse.

If you’ve ever wondered how many of the African American beauties in Hollywood keep their complexion so fabulous, now the secret is out. Sam unveiled his new beauty dvd that explains the essentials every woman needs to keep her skin looking fabulous without the the trial and error of make-up and skin care shopping.

Iman, Sam Fine, Deborah Cox and Vanessa Will

The complete story is available at Essence.com but here are a few snippets.

Beauty Basics Tip #2

Instead of using those tiny blush brushes that come with the product, invest in a blush brush! A blush brush is simply a smaller version of the large powder brush. This small fluffy brush ensures that you won’t have a streaky application of color on cheeks.

Makeup ABC’s

“The ABC’s of beauty are simple: Groomed eyebrows/removing any unwanted facial hair, foundation or powder to perfect the canvas, bronzer to add luminosity, mascara to bring definition to the eyes and lip liner and lipstick or gloss to add a supple texture and color to the lips. These products are the basics in which to build a simple, glamorous look,” explains Fine, pictured here with runway model star Arlenis Sosa.

Photos courtesy of Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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