Washington is the New Hollywood East

May 26, 2009

Washingtonians will agree with me when I say that over the past couple of years, this city has grown in terms of popularity, nightlife and fashion. I can’t count how many times I have seen or met a celebrity in Georgetown, at a gala or on Capitol Hill. Now with the Obama’s in town, Hollywood wants a bit of the Nation’s capital.

Essence Magazine wrote an article on their website about Washington, DC become the new New York or the Hollywood East. Thanks to wedding public relations maven Michelle Slaughter, I was quoted in the article title The New Hollywood East last week. Click through the pictures to get more info on some of the new boutiques springing up in the city, which celebs are making DC their hot spot, where the Obama’s like to hang out and the new reality show about the DC nightlife, and no it’s not Blonde Charity Mafia. Full Story.

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