Romance with Chanel No. 5

May 26, 2009

Chanel No.5 is perhaps one of the most well-known and best-selling perfumes of all time. My fascination with the perfume started in middle school when I saw an ad campaign in Vogue magazine. I’ve always loved the Chanel No.5 but never really thought I was grown enough or mature enough to wear such a mature scent. I matriculated towards Coco Chanel instead during my college years and wore it until last year. Coco Chanel is by far my favorite perfume but Chanel No. 5 is a close second. Each time I take a whiff of this sultry scent at the department store, I am reminded of summers with my aunt in Charlottesville and times spent on the water during college vacays.

A few years have passed since I took a whiff of Chanel No.5 but my fascination with this fragrance was sparked yet again over the weekend during a trip to Sephora. It’s weird but I tried on the perfume once again and for some reason, my body really adapted to it. Instead of the fragrance wearing me, I was wearing the fragrance. It somehow became a part of me. I am not sure if my body chemistry is changing as I get older but I am now a Chanel No. 5 wearer.

Being the YouTube junkie that I am, I started perusing a few channels to find some Chanel No. 5 advertising campaigns. I came across a new two and a half minute mini movie featuring French actress Audrey Tatou. The movie is masterfully made and embodies everything Chanel No.5.

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