Keeping L.A. Chic: Yotam Solomon

May 26, 2009

It’s 2:30am eastern standard time and I’m receiving pictures on my gmail account from a Los Angeles fashion designer. That’s the beauty of technology in 2009. Enabling designers, consumers and writers to connect with the click of a button has made fashion increasingly available to everyone. I discovered Yotam Solomon’s designs last week while perusing a new online shopping site called ShopFlick, which allows the buyer to see clothing and accessories on a real live person via video. After checking out his fabulous shoe collection, I immediately emailed him to find out more about his collection, inspiration and what drove him to create fun frocks and sexy shoes for women.

The 22 year-old Isreali born Solomon is a tour de force in the Los Angeles fashion scene. Since arriving in the United States in nearly six years ago, he’s been a favorite of celebs and models, whom the modest designer keeps mum about. One look at his ethereal collection of airy and fun frocks and you will see the inspiration behind them. Yotam Solomon has been fascinated with earth elements, especially the ocean and has made it a theme in his collections.

Yotam’s designs for the woman who wants it all, luxury, style, romance, glamour, adventure and love. His flowy frocks takes romanticism to new heights with delicate colors and fabrics. Paralleling the care free and glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle, Yotam’s collection offers ladies a chance to step into the life of fancy without the frills.

One of the more provocative and alluring pieces in collection is an updated sheath dress. It’s an LBD with an edge. Assymetrically cut and with added dimension, Yotam leaves the boring back in the 90s and boosts the body-con style dresses.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
My inspiration for this past season has evolved from my fascination with water leading me to my theme – “The Ocean”. I wanted to capture the hues, shapes, and life that is so influential to me living here in the beautiful city of Angels.

Take us through your creative process? How do you decide what to include in your collection?
I always start with deciding on a theme, and then I move to the sketching board. From there starts a process of elimination which involve me and a creative team choosing what will be the next YOTAM SOLOMON collection.

There are so many unique pieces, how do you narrow your selection to the final collection and how do you choose which ones to showcase?
There are so many different ideas choosing is not an easy process, yet there are always stronger pieces among other pieces that would appeal to a larger demographic. It is important to have a balance of high fashion, wear ability and function.

What type of woman do you create for? Do you have a specific muse in mind when designing? If so, who?
The type of woman that I design for is a confident, out of the box woman who wants a unique design and prefers to purchase a made to measure design. There is no specific muse, since my main priority is to offer styles for every age group.

What is most important to you when designing, style, trend, fashion or wear ability?
On the outermost importance for me as a designer is creating a unique Avant Garde design that captures an idea; secondly wear ability and style.

What influenced you to get into design? Did you have any mentors?
I always had a sense for fashion and styling. I never had anything get me into it, it was there all along. I have a few mentors that would remain nameless, I thank god for them every day.

How can those who purchase your brand incorporate pieces from your collection into their everyday look?
I always tell my clients “Mix and match with other designers”. I think that it is very important to have a sensibility and not wear just one designer head to toe (It’s too 90’s).Many of the designs can be match with a myriad of different silhouettes and styles from jeans to a silk gowns.

What would you say is the must have piece in your collection and why?
Must haves from Fall- Winter 2009 are the foot wear styles containing the sheer lace and clear panels. They are so chic; having a shoe that both reflect the light and creates an illusion of water within the shoe is fantastic!

Any celeb client? Do you know who is buying them or is a mystery until you see it in the magazines?
A few celebrity clients I won’t name any names, although I did end up hearing about a few TV appearances embracing my designs where no one in the office knew anything about how they got those pieces. A lot of times you either hear about it, or see it without knowing anything!

What is your number one style advice on maintaining the classic and chic image?
Number one advice is to always mix and match, make sure that whatever you wear empowers you and everyone around you. It’s all about you!

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