Limited Edition Sebago Docksides

All the cool kids are wearing them and so should you. Yes I know this is peer pressure but who wouldn’t want to slip their feet into these limited edition Sebago Docksides this summer?

Created just for French store Colette, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sebago, these colorful Docksides are sure to be a hit. The gray and Colette blue ones are dipped in paint create by Jack Spade. Want to get your hands err I mean feet, into these babies? You have a limited time because only 40 pairs are being sold.

Each pair of these Docksides is unique because the paintint is done by hand. You don’t have to look like the other kids on the block who will be rocking the traditional colors found in stores.

Most sizes are sold out but if you are one of the lucky few with extra small or large feet, you can score yourself one of these.