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Glamazon Giveaway: AminoGenesis Wrinkle Arrest

Getting rid of the signs of aging has never been this easy. Say hello to AminoGenesis, the newest advancement in the age reversal process. Part of the amino acid skin care products, Wrinkle Arrest recently won the Seal of Recognition from the American Dermatology for its sun-protection benefit.

If you’ve started seeing the effects of sun damage and aging on your skin, Wrinkle Arrest can help reverse them with its DemaScyne formula that reduces the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and discolorations.

The AminoGenesis Wrinkle Arrest is priced at $59, which is a good buy compared to other brands that can run you upwards of $400.

Two lucky readers can win a jar of AminoGenesis’ Wrinke Arrest from the Glamazon Diaries. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Entry ends on April 30.