Chic in the City: Katherine Kennedy

April 15, 2009

In a few shorts months, the Washington metropolitan area will get to know Katherine Kennedy, a gorgeous blonde with a bubbly personality and such a busy social and professional calendar that I sometimes wonder how she manages any rest. Katherine, a California import by way of Palo Alto, has been shaking up the DC social scene since her grad school days at Georgetown University, making enough of an impact that she and two others girls will be starting in a new DC-based reality show, Blonde Charity Mafia.

Katherine and I immediately hit it off and have remained friends. When we met, she was interested in blogging and jewelry design, so we had a common interest. Smart, kind, stylish, and with an entrepreneurial spirit and great head on her shoulders, she is a force to be reckoned with.

At just 24, Katherine, known as KK to the Georgetown party go-ers, has done something that not many of her peers have accomplished; she started a company from scratch and sold it off – and just as a school project. Peruse, her social networking site with an e-commerce feature, allowed fashionistas to bookmark their fabulous finds and add them to their profiles so that friends and family could see exactly what they wanted. It’s undeniable that Katherine is smart and knows business and public relations.

One might think that Katherine only shops at the uber posh boutiques because she always looks fantastic. Her ability to mix high-end pieces and bargain items makes her chic in the city. She raves about her fab finds at Target and hunts for deals online. On a recent shopping and happy hour outing, she showed up in her FitFlops and a gorgeous orange skirt suit. She was the only girl in color in a room full of black and white. If you’re wondering what makes this “it” girl tick, read on for more.

Katherine Kennedy
Age: 24
Job: Business Development Consultant/ Reality T.v. Star
Neighborhood: West End

How would you describe your look?
I am either in an Under Armour running suit with my MBTs or in a glamorous party dress and stilettos attempting to channel old Hollywood Glamorous. Nothing in between.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
A classic black trench. The best quality you can afford- it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath!

Do you have a fashion mentor?
My mom. Growing up, I would purposefully dislike everything she picked out. Now that I am getting wiser, I realize she has a timeless style and always picks out things I’d like.

Who are your favorite designers?
Chanel, Black Halo, Jay Godfrey, Milly, Burberry, Nanette Lepore, Ralph Lauren, Rochelle Behrens and Linea Pella

What designers or labels do you actually wear the most?
Black Halo, Burberry, Linea Pella belts, Silence and Noise, all mixed in with a little Target chic

First designer item ever bought?
My dad bought be a stunning creme and burgandy patent leather Prada purse when he was in Italy back in the Tech Boom. I was a Tomboy, about 12, and could careless and used it as a pencil case somewhere in my desk drawer. Tragic.

Where do you shop?
I never want to show up in the same thing as anyone else so I stick mostly to places some fashionistas fear- Consignment Shops, The District Sample Sale, Marshall’s, outlet malls. You will rarely ever see me anything “This Season”, but I prefer it that way since I really try to only purchase classic pieces.

What are you lusting after right now?
Summer. And with that, summer dresses and bikinis.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

To Latenight or Not to Latenight?
Cinderella over here has rarely been out past midnight and try to pull an Irish Exit by 11:50pm… I’m a morning bird, what can I say…?!

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
I’m the devil’s advocate that people pay to pick apart their business plans and connect them with people who will help their idea succeed.

What’s your favorite bar?
Garrett’s- during happy hour you can get nachos, a beer, and play the Buckhunter Challenge all for under $10.

What’s in your DVD player right now?
Billy Blanks’ Bootcamp

How much is too much to spend on a pedicure?
$50. California spoiled me with amazing pedicures starting at $15- still haven’t found a place in DC that can compare in price or quality.

When’s bedtime?
Midnight, though Friday’s I try to fall asleep by 9.

Brunch: pro or con?
Brunch is a necessity in my week- at Peacock for Tuna Tortilla Rolls and sharing skinny fries while catching up with my girlfriends.

Most expensive thing in your closet?
My mother gifted me with a collection of stunning St. John suits I am just starting to mature enough to wear.

What do you hate most about living in DC?
The humidity in the summer

Metro, Cab it or Drive?
Metro…Or walking in my MBT shoes 😉

Style icon who represents your style the most?
Grace Kelly

Vogue, Elle or Bazaar?
Bazaar- great articles.

Ravens or Redskins?
Go, Redskins!

If you could be anything what would it be?
A third grade teacher or a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Would you rather be a superhero or a villain? What powers would you have?
Superhero and have the power to give everyone on the planet clean water.

What is the one thing you do often when no one is looking?

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