Wearing Tights with Open toed shoes is a do

In a few shorts weeks ladies will say goodbye to tights and panty hose and hello to freshly painted toes and shaved legs (don’t lie, we’ve been guilty at some point for leaving legs unshaven sometimes in the winter). Until the weather warms to a consistent 68 degrees, we’ll all be wearing our opaque tights with frocks and skirts.

Some of the girls have asked me if it is a faux pas to wear open toed shoes with tights. It’s perfectly fine to wear opaque tights with your open toed shoes. I’ve been doing it for a while and looks like French Vogue editor-in-chief also does. She was recently photographed in Milan wearing these sexy Azzedine Alaia shoes that jingled as she walked. So take note ladies, this trend is a do.

image credit: http://jakandjil.com/blog/