It’s time to buy a watch

I’m in the process of shopping for a really nice watch versatile enough for my Spring and Summer wardrobe. I went to Movado and a couple of other stores with an affordable line but nothing really caught my eye or was appeasing.

Picking out the right watch was harder than I thought it would be. I seriously could not commit to buying anything expensive without doing my homework. After painstakingly perusing boutiques and department stores, I found a watch I can live with for a while.

I decided to forgo the silver, black or gold watches and choose something eye catching. My final choice is the Cartier Must 21 Chronoscaph with white rubber and brushed stainless steel strap. This watch is gorgeous. It is also a huge investment and a luxury item I have been wanting for a while. I know it’s a men’s watch but it is exactly what I want. I was going to get the watch at the Cartier boutique at Tysons Galleria but decided to do some comparison shopping first before committing. I found it a lot cheaper on I wonder if they have the same warranty as buying it at a Cartier boutique.


  1. I love your insights and your articles. I would definitely buy it from Cartier, I did a lot of research before I bought mine and the stores generally have their own warranty rather than the actual warranty from Cartier. So I wouldn’t take the chance but you can always double check with Overstock on their warranty plan.

  2. How about a Cartier watch give away?

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