Give RED for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s schmalentine! Everyone is making such a big deal out of this day of love, especially those without a significant other. You really don’t need a member of the opposite sex to be your Valentine. Your best friend or other single friends can be great Valentine’s. You can be your own Valentine. Show some self love by buying yourself some flowers, a tshirt, lipgloss, shoes or whatever else your heart desires. Since Valentine’s Day has become so commercial, we often lose the real meaning of this day.

Why not buy yourself or your loved one a gift that goes to a good cause and raises awareness. At the end of the day, you’ll feel good for doing something to benefit others. One of my favorite campaigns I’ve always contributed to is the (RED) campaign where designers and big name products create a product to raise money for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa. You can go as extravagant as a Dell Laptop or an American Express Card or as simple and thoughtful as a Starbucks gift card or a Hallmark greeting card. Since 2006 the campaign has raised over $126 million dollars for AIDS prevention and treatment programs in countries like Ghana and South Africa.