Official Luke’s Wings 2009 Fundraising Kick Off Party

Luke’s Wings, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to bring family members of military service members recuperating at military hospitals, is hosting its first fundraiser of the year tonight, January 27, 2009, at DC hot spot Midtown (1219 Connecticut Avenue, NW).

The specific goal of the Official Luke’s Wings 2009 Fundraising Kick Off Party is to raise money to bring a mother, daughter and son from Denmark to visit their wounded warrior who is getting treatment at one of the military hospitals in the area.

Since its launch last year, Luke’s Wings has flown nineteen family members to visit seven service members, reconnecting families and giving our veterans a little piece of home while away from their loved ones.

The cost of admission is just $10 and is tax deductible. If you can afford to part with a bit more, I suggest you do so because those that serve and protect us deserve our support in their time of need.

The event starts at 10PM.