Inauguration Shoe Sale at Sassanova

January 19, 2009

It’s official, Washington has become THE place to be. As the influx of more than 2 million people becomes more apparent to locals, I cannot help but take a step back and think about how awesome Washington is. We are the seat of power, quickly become a heavy hitter in the fashion world and we have everything that the other cities have, except we do it better. Alright I know what you are thinking, “Washington for fashion? ha!” One thing I’ve observed living in this city is this, Washingtonians have the buying power and are tired of going to other cities to get their fashion fix. Lots of boutiques have opened up within the past five years to quench our thirst for fashion and even in this economic slump, many more boutiques are opening their doors in Washington.

On my walk home from brunch this weekend, I made my way to a couple of the boutiques on Book Hill in the Georgetown neighborhood on Wisconsin Avenue. All the windows were filled with signs ushering shoppers in to take advantage of their sales items. I stopped in to Sassanova, a local shoes and accessories store that Washingtonians frequent to get the best contemporary designer shoes in the city. Their lineup of brands is very impressive because most of the other stores in the city do not carry such a selection under one roof. There’s Oscar de la Renta next to Loeffler Randall who is next to Tory Burch who is next to Elie Tahari who is next to Moshcino. You get the idea. The best part about this line up is that they were all 50 percent off. Yup! Just in time for inauguration.

I snapped a couple of photos for you all because I wanted the pictures to speak for themselves. The black Oscar de la Renta d’orsay pumps were screaming my name as they proudly sat on a rotating silver pedestal urging me to try them on. The shoes were originally $580 but are now 50 percent off. Now that’s what I call a sale. If you are visiting the city, I urge you to hop on the Circulator bus and make your way to Georgetown for some amazing shopping. Don’t just stay on M Street. Take a right and walk up the hill on Wisconsin Avenue where Urban Chic, We One You Two, Signature, Commander Salamander, Sherman Pickey, Sassanova, Tabar and many more stores reside.


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