Beyonce Knowles in the New York Observer Style

January 7, 2009

The transformation of Beyonce Knowles into her alter ego Sasha is complete and the world will have the chance to see it in her soon to be released album, “I am… Sasha Fierce.” Since the release of two of her singles, “Singles Ladies” and “If I were a boy,” Queen B has shed her nice girl, belle of the ball image and has transformed into a fierce fashionista designers are dying to dress even more than ever.

Beyonce Knowles, who’s been touted as one of the most down to earth celebrities one will ever meet is featured in the New York Observer Style in an article titled “Queen B.” In the article, Beyonce lists her mom as her number one influence on style and fashion. The older Knowles, Tina, is the force behind Beyonce’s transformation from a member of the trio Destiny’s Child to a successful solo artist with impeccable style.

Beyonce er Sasha, is a huge fan of Alexander McQueen and never leaves home without her James Perse white T-shirt. “My uniform [James Perse T-shirt] seriously, I have like 50 of them,” says the artist.

She also goes talks about her love of vintage accessories. “I’m an accessories queen,” says Beyonce. “I collect a lot of vintage jewelry—a lot of vintage Chanel. I love it because you know no one else has it. Sometimes I don’t even wear it—I just like to look at it.” Uhh Queen B, why would you ever just LOOK at your vintage Chanel jewelery.

The best quote from the article is about finding the right shapes and styles to fit her figure; something that every woman should adhere to. “There are certain things I can do, but I have to show my waistline and stick to things that look good on my body. I know what looks good on me and I think that’s half the battle.” [New York Observer Style]



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