Strong Women on Private Practice

I’m watching Private Practice right now and just have the best time knowing that ABC has the cajones to put on a show with some pretty strong women knowing what they want.

Best quotes just five minutes into the show:

Addison talking about how she has not been kissed in a while but shopping to make up for it.
“I am having sex with Bottega Veneta.” SWEET! Shopping is therapy so why not channel all that sexual frustration into splurging on a lusciously decadent bag like brand spanking new Bottega Veneta leather bag.

Coop trying to get the hot doc to go on vacay with him because he is getting a bonus check. It would have been cool had he brought it up any other time besides during a hot and heavy makeout session. Hot doc says, “Shut up and get on top of me or keep talking and watch me walk out the door.” ZING!