Lust or Must: Grey Leather Motorcycle Jacket

December 30, 2008

On my lust list is a grey leather motorcycle jacket. This type of jacket is the quintessential bad girls jacket. The jacket will put you in an ultra rebellious mode when paired with some straight leg or skinny jeans, black high heeled shoes a la Louboutin, and a plain t-shirt. What I am truly lusting after is a really gorgeous Rick Owens Washed Side Zip Leather Jacket from the Spring 09 collection. At just over $2200, this jacket is way too rich for my blood and definitely not recessionista friendly. The age old question of “to splurge to save?” came to mind when I contemplated putting my name on the wait list. Oh what to do?

I began shopping around to see if I could find a similar jacket for a lot less. I perused online retailers like Chic Downtown, Pink Mascara and many others and found a Veda Cropped Leather Snap Jacket at Intermix for just $309. The Veda jacket from last season is still chic and has all the elements of a chic motorcycle jacket. It has the asymmetrical zipper just like the Rick Owens jacket, slightly darker and shorter. The Rick Owens jacket, which isn’t even available until January 31, has a more prominent collar and zipper details on the pockets. The minute differences are not troublesome enough to dissuade me from going for the Veda. The choice is simple: Veda jacket is a must and Rick Owens’ is a lust. If I had a black Amex, I would splurge on Rick Owens but since I have a Visa card, I will go for the Veda.

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