Granville Millinery Company Headbands

Thousands of girls nationwide flocked to accessories counters in search of dainty headbands that would enable them to channel their inner Blair Waldrof a la Gossip Girl. It seems like nowadays Blair and Serena set trends for the viewers of Gossip Girl. The show has gotten a lot of criticism for its content and making girls and young women buy things they cannot afford. Sure the it bag will put you back a grand but not some of the smaller accessories.

Blair Waldorf’s headbands have been a hit coast to coast and the trend of girls wearing headbands will not fade. Next to a ponytail holder, wearing a headband is the easiest way to spruce up any hair do or fix a bad hair day. Headbands also come in so many different colors, and with various accents that it’s hard to choose the right one. I have been lusting after unique and handmade headbands for a while and just fell in love with Granville Millinery‘s delectable assortment of well made headbands.

Milliner Amy Hamilton has designed four headbands for the girls who crave a bit of originality and style. Each headband costs $48 and are made to order. What more could you ask for? The four well priced and ultra chic headbands are so lust worthy. I couldn’t pick just one. I especially love the blue with bowtie like feathers and dainty pearls. These headbands are grownup and can be worn with any outfit. If you are looking for a more formal headpiece for evening wear, Amy also makes incredibly beautiful headpieces fit for any special occasion.


  1. Fashion Addict says:

    I never thought I would be interested in headbands again, but after becoming an obsessed fan with Gossip Girl, I have been searching for replicas of the ones on the show! Nice post.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

  2. Anonymous says:

    the ones they wear on the show are by Jennifer Behr

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