Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes

I first heard about Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes during my ladies brunch two weeks ago. A girlfriend of mine kept describing it as “this amazing mascara that has a ball instead of a brush.” All the girls were pretty stumped because we couldn’t imagine how a mascara brush in the shape of a ball would make my eye lashes “Phenomenal.” I went to Sephora last Friday to make myself over and after about 30 minutes of playing with Makeup Forever’s blushes and foundations, I ventured to the mascara window to sample Givenchy’s newest beauty product. I was speechless after the first coat and AMAZED at after the second coat. Every lash was coated with deep dark black mascara and my lashes were looking va va va voom. The ball tip is a lot better for getting every single hair on your lashes. I was about to purchase a tube when the sales lady informed me that the mascara had sold out. I guess it is pretty phenomenal.