Victoria Beckham’s Posh Pixie Cut at Fashion Week

September 11, 2008


Victoria Beckham showed up at New York Fashion Week with a new cropped pixie. The singer turned designer’s dark cut sure turned heads. Rumor has it that she will be showing her new line during fashion week but until that happens, all the talk is on Beck’s new hairstyle.

Becks is known for her daring fashion and style choices. Think back to her angled bob; half of the women went nutso and cropped of their locks to look like Becks. This new pixie is so demure yet sexy. It channels her inner Audrey Hepburn but with a 21st century appeal. The cut opens up her small face and makes her look so sweet. Was this inspired by Hillary Swank’s pixie for the new Amelia Earhart movie? Either way, Becks’ new cut is a winner.

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