What’s With The GINORMOUS Polo Logo on the US Athletes’ Blazers?

August 12, 2008

I sat at Rugby Food & Spirits to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic games with a few friends while enjoying some cocktails.  We sat in awe with a few of our newfound friends from Paris, France, “Bonjour Philippe!” Besides the fancy light show in Beijing, my favorite part was watching all the athletes walk the track dressed in patriotic wear and country flags.  Of course I missed Ghana because I made a quick run to the bar (whaaaa!) but I did not miss USA’s athletes dressed in Ralph Lauren designed outfits.  

The athletes looked like a bunch of walking billboard ads for Ralph Lauren. The blazers where distastefully done. The GINORMOUS RL logo was too distracting; for a split second, I thought I was watching a Ralph Lauren commercial. I love Ralph Lauren but I think he should go back to the drawing board for the next Olympic games. Smaller jockey, bigger Olympic logo. 

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