Sarah Harris of British Vogue Is Irritated About Care Labels on Clothing

August 7, 2008

“Labels, not just the ones on sheer clothes but those that always seem to poke out from T-shirt necks/waistbands/the ends of scarves (the list goes on), are one of fashion’s great irritants.” [British Vogue]
TRUE STORY >> “She tells me her own label horror, involving bikini bottoms, a holiday in Marrakech and an afternoon spent tanning her back. “I returned to the hotel to discover a white rectangular patch the size of a large postage stamp where my label had poked out. It took days to fade,” says Harris, recalling a story a friend told her about her encounter with horrid clothing labels.

Ed. note: Manufacturers put clothing labels the size of post-its on garments because they want to cover their butts just in case a garment is sent back to them. They lose money that way. So ladies, if you get annoyed with labels, I know I do, simply cut it out after reading and memorizing the instructions. Also note that some garments are not meant to be dry cleaned so don’t assume that you can sent everything to the cleaners.

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