Mad Men is the Sex and the City for Men

July 24, 2008

I saw a commercial on AMC this morning for Mad Men, a show about the advertising in industry in the ’60s. The show has already received 16 Emmy nominations this year and I wonder why? All the characters on the show are well dressed men. The show takes us back to an era when appearance was number one; when a majority of men took pride in wearing a well tailored suit or casualware. The ’60s were elegant times and men who watch the show realize this. Slim-cut suits were in.

Mad Men, which returns to AMC this Sunday for its second season, is set in
the sleek world of advertising in 1960s New York. Where offices such as Sterling
Cooper have no need for such quaint modern-day notions as political correctness
or casual Friday. Where no man is complete without the morning paper, his tie
and a post-lunch Scotch. [Valet]

Join the boys club and watch this show for some inspiration in how to create a classic wardrobe.

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