Even the Playing Field with Stubbs & Wooten Party Loafers

This year’s historic election is going to be one any of us will never forget. To get ready for battle, Republicans and Democrats have been mudslinging each other in the media and on the streets.  Whether you are for Team Obama or Team McCain, you must always look your best when representing your candidate.  The battle this fall will not be at the ballot polls, it will be in the streets.  Who is the most fashionable, Democrats or Republicans? Stubbs & Wooten is trying to settle the score with these two loafers, Republican Black and Democrat Black loafers. Each loafer has the Thomas Nast cartoon  for each party. Both the elephant and the donkey on the loafer are embroidered in gold metallic thread on the classic Stubbs & Wooten black velvet slipper, $395.  Perfect with slacks, a crisp button down shirt and a blazer, the Stubbs & Wooten political party loafer is sure to be a hit among Washingtonians.