What’s Missing from Your Makeup Bag?

June 6, 2008

According to the Weather Channel, this weekend is going to be HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT! Apparently summer came early and I did not get the memo. I wear makeup with SPF everyday to protect my skin and look flawless so adjusting my routine to the hot summer weather can be a little tedious. Commuting back and forth in 90-something degrees Fahrenheit weather can turn my face into a bowl of grease, literally. My secret for preventing oily face and makeup runs is by making sure my makeup bag has oil blotting sheets I can use during the day to freshen up.

Oil blotting sheets are great because you can eliminate oil and incessant beads of sweat without removing your makeup. My favorite is Too Faced Re-Fresh Oil Blotting Papers, $12 at Sephora. I usually go through three packages of this during the summer because I walk everywhere so by the time I get to my destination, my makeup is usually on the floor (just kidding). If you don’t want to buy oil blotting paper, simply use the toilet seat covers, they do the trick (might sound gross but it works and it’s cheap.)

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