The Father’s Day Gift that Keeps Giving

Still stumped on what to get dad for Father’s Day? How about giving him a gift that keeps on giving. Saks Fifth Avenue has partnered up with Clarity: Water, an organization that provides clean drinking water to communities in developing countries. Just $20 can give a person clean water for 20 years. 100% of your donation will fund direct costs associated with the construction and maintenance of freshwater projects followed by hygiene & sanitation community training programs.

I know it’s a faux pas to sometimes donate money on behalf of someone as a gift; but if your dad is committed to improving the lives of others in need and you know he would love something like this, then go ahead and donate money to a cause of his choice. Clarity: water is just a wonderful organization that really puts all the money you donate to creating sustainable drinking water for people around the world. Dad doesn’t go empty handed. You can purchase some of the products from Clarity: Water, including a chic black umbrella, t-shirts, coffee table book or bracelet, to make him feel even more special.