Serena, Federer and Sharapova Bring Style to Tennis

June 30, 2008

The game of tennis changed the day Serena Williams walked onto the court in Nike boots and denim. People used to go to tennis matches for the sport. Nowadays, it’s the fashion that brings tennis lovers to the stadiums. Proving that sex sells, tennis stars including Venus & Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and even Roger Federer are all stepping onto the tennis courts in outfits so chic and fab that they leaves spectators wondering if they are watching tennis or a fashion show – maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here.

Serena Williams took the court in a white belted trench coat that is more practical for a rainy day in New York than a sweaty game of tennis on sunny afternoon. “It’s ladylike and I’m very ladylike. It goes perfect with my personality and everything else,” said Serena during a press conference.

Not to be outdone, Maria Sharapova will be sporting some well tailored outfits at Wimbledon. Nike custom designed a white tuxedo warm up suit for the tennis star. She will then change into a short suit, with tuxedo bib front for games. Using the latest performance improving technology, each outfit is meant to enhance Sharapova’s game not hinder it.

You are bound to be bitten by the fashion bug if you spend quality time with one of fashion’s top authority on style and trends. Roger Federer’s ‘friendship’ with Anna Wintour has been advantageous for the tennis star. His fashion stock has gone up ten fold since his rumored relationship with the Vogue editor. Roger Federer took style cues from traditional 1920s tennis wear by sporting a cream cardigan and white leather bag proving that the ladies are not the only one who can have fun on the court. Fans of Williams, Federer and Sharapova now have the opportunity to get the same looks. You too can look like a Williams, Federer and Sharapova by purchasing the outfits designed by Nike at a pop-up store on site at Wimbledon, NikeTown Oxford Circus. If you can’t make it to England, your next bet is to log on to

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