Nicole Kidman on Motherhood and Life in Tennessee for Vogue

Nicole Kidman, one of the Titans of Hollywood, is on the cover of the July issue of Vogue magazine. The soon to be mom talks to John Powers about her life in Tennessee, being a mom and Hollywood. Kidman will be staring in the period epic AUSTRALIA with fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman. Photographer Annie Liebovitz shot the two for the July issue of Vogue (below).

“Her mercurial moods lie close to the surface. She’s eager to laugh, unafraid to cry, easy to take offense—she’s attuned to the hidden fishhook in every remark. When I casually mention that she’s starred in lots of movies in recent years, her mouth tightens: Am I implying that she’s too ambitious? Well, no. Once she grasps that I’m actually praising her Old Hollywood work ethic, she instantly brightens and, with her most radiant smile—she carefully offers gradations—welcomes me back into her good graces. This is not a woman who shies away from intensity. ” John Powers on Nicole Kidman for the July issue of Vogue magazine. [Vogue]