Goodbye Back Hair!

There’s a big difference between peach fuzz and Sasquatch and you know it. It might be embarrassing to tell your man that he has a hairy back but you also know that there is no way he is going to follow you to the beach shirtless with all that hair growing on his back. If you truly love your guy or guy friend, you will be honest with him about the unsexiness of his excessive back hair. I know he can’t help that hair grows on his back but he can definitely do something about it. Save him the pain of going to the salon for a wax job, think 40-Year Old Virgin, you don’t want him bleeding and crying do you? Instead of the embarrassing trip to the salon, get him the Mangroomer, a gadget that will easily remove excessive back hair with ease. What makes the Mangroomer better than a regular razor is that you will be able to remove hair from those hard to reach places on your back. The Mangroomer is just $39.99 and is available at Target.