Giselle Bundchen: ‘The globe’s reigning symbol of female perfection’

June 25, 2008


Must be so hard to be so beautiful. Supermodel Giselle Bundchen is firing back at critics for their insistence that her looks are manufactured. The 27 year-old Brazilian beauty insists her ‘flawless’ figure is natural. Giselle, the highest paid model according to Forbes magazine, raked in $33 million in 2007 and $38 million this year. The model who appears on the cover of the July issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine dispells rumors about getting cosmetics surgery to enhance her look, romance and modeling.

“The other day, a girl on my plane was pulling my hair. She was like, ‘I just want to check…’ says Bundchen. “This is all my hair, by the way. I did not have extensions.”

Giselle who has graced the covers of more magazines than any other supermodel was discovered when Irving Penn, famed photographer, shot a picture of her glazing over her shoulder. Vogue used the photo that year for an editorial piece and from there she became a household name. Giselle says her star began to rise on April 7, 1999 after Penn’s shot. That year, the supermodel appeared in five cover for Vogue magazine.

Don’t let her looks fool you because this model is one smart business woman. She is the face of over 20 brands internationally and has control of the jobs she chooses. As much as you’d love to hate her for her stunning good looks and great physique, the Victoria’s Secret model says she is very down to earth.

The GQ article gives readers a bit more insight into Giselle’s world. In the article, we learn that men never turn her down (Tom Brady), that she’s had her heart broken (Leo DiCaprio?) and all her hair is real. You can’t help but still feel a tinge of jealousy at her God given looks. So to commemorate her being dubbed by GQ as “the globe’s reigning symbol of female perfection,” here is a conversation between Giselle and her French makeup guy on the photoshoot for GQ.

Gisele: How does that [photo] look, the last one?
French makeup guy: I want a preent.
Gisele: You want a print?
FMG: I want a preent.
Gisele: [to me] He is the best.[They kiss.]
FMG: No, she ees the best.
Gisele: [almost sadly] No.
FMG: She ees. Gisele: Please.
FMG: Well, look at this peecture.
Gisele: Do you like the last one?
FMG: It just confeerms what I’m saying—Gisele: Oh, please.
FMG:you are to die for.

I guess flattery gets you everywhere with Giselle. [GQ]




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