Ashanti Joins the Broken Hearts Club with ‘The Way I Love You’

R&B singer Ashanti is back and better than before with her new album The Declaration, her fourth studio album. Her first single, “The Way I love You” is so grim and sad but I could definitely relate to her pain. In the song, she sings of finding out her man has been cheating on her and lying about it for a while. I agree that cheating is never right especially when one party still thinks the love is still there. We women fall too hard when we get in relationships and many of us end up getting hurt because we invest too much in a relationship without getting anything back.

No matter what happens in a relationship, violence is never an answer to any problem. In the song, Ashanti is so hurt that she ends up killing her boyfriend after confronting him about his affair. Ladies, no man is worth your life or a jail sentence. Sometimes it’s better to take the high road and cut your losses. I know it’s hard. I had a three year relationship that ended with him ending it because he was seeing someone else on the side. The deep pain I felt after the break-up was unbearable but I knew one day, just one day, the pain would stop. For any of you out there going through something this painful, my heart goes out to you. The pain will subside, you will never trust people, especially men the same way again. Eventually you will heal and mend and learn to love wisely. Here is the song from Ashanti’s new album The Declaration titled The Way I Love You.