T-Bags Long Tube Dress

One of my must haves each summer for the past two years has been a T-bags dress and this year is no exception. The lovely print cotton dresses are so comfy and versatile. With a few accessories, T-bags dress can easily be transformed from a daytime look into a nighttime look. This season T-bags introduced new prints and solids that I can’t get enough off. Here is the long tube dress in black and in print. I could not choose one over the other so I bought both. Although the print dress can be dressy, I like the black for the many evening summer soirees I will be attending.


  1. darling Glamour Girl… t-bags.com is most definitely not taking us to see these beautiful dresses! it looks like maybe they don’t have a direct website? just a thought <3

  2. Glamour Girl says:

    Michele, thanks for the heads up. I have fixed the links for the T-bags website. I hope all is well.

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