Play Time Gear for the Gents

A majority of business professional men in the Washington, DC area spend five of the seven days of the week in a suit or slacks, button down shirts and ties. After a long week spent in business meetings, training sessions and office cubicles it is imperative that you let loose and relax. Golden Goose Chino Pants, $410, Rivy Ng Lion Print Tee, $238, 5+1_ANNAPURNA Cardigan, $550,Ugg “Indy” Men’s Moc, $120, Tom Ford grey marbled ‘Rory’ aviator sunglasses, $210

There is no need to be dressed in a suit or blazer on a casual Saturday afternoon outing with the boys. You can dress low key and still grab the attention of the ladies. Here is a great look for the everyday guy. Instead of wearing jeans, opt for chinos, which can take you from an afternoon with the boys to a low key night on the waterfront. This season is all about color and there is no need for guys to opt out of the trend. Add some panache to neutral chinos and a t-shirt by wearing bright color like this cobalt blue cardigan. Complete the outfit with mocs like the Ugg “Indy” Men’s mocs pictured above. This outfit is very clean but stands out. Don’t forget to rock some sunglasses and a watch. Elegant.