Designs by Paolo: "Doctor Bag" Styled Handbags with a Vintage Flair

May 9, 2008

I was shopping for Derby hats two weeks ago to wear with my black dress for gold cup and stumbled upon a handbag line called Designs by Paolo. Designs by Paolo creates a line of luxury leather doctor bags that come in so many irresistible colors. What caught my eye was the picture of various celebrities (Carlos Santana, Paris Hilton) carrying Paolo’s bags. After looking through the site, I was hooked. Besides the oodles of colors, prints and textures, you can also create your own doctor bag and even get it monogrammed. The bags are chic and affordable at just under $500. You can even create your own set that includes a Vintage Doc Handbag, Large & Small Travel Cases, and Folio. Designs by Paolo is one of the hottest handbag brands celebs are pinning after. I got the chance to interview Paolo himself about the Designs by Paolo collection. Paolo is offering a $50.00 discount on the purchase of any of the handbags. Enter the reader code AGS1007 during check out in the Coupon Code/Promotional Code section during checkout.

1. I love the doctor bags by Paolo, how did the idea come about to start a line just for women?
I have been in the design and manufacturing end of fine leather carrying cases for over 20 years, I am always looking for new challenges and inspiration. Women’s fashion is always changing, but some styles like the “Doctor Bag”, for example are timeless, but we can always find new leather colors and textures to keep it fresh.

2. Aside from the Doctor Bag, what other styles do you carry?
Currently, in the Paolo Line we offer our Derby Style handbag, in addition to beautiful laptop folios, and 2 sizes of travel accessory cases. We also have an additional new handbag design that will be launched this upcoming Fall 2008.

3. So many colors to choose from, which colors are your favorites for spring?
For Summer we love all of the bright hues. But for us, all of the neutral colors that can be worn year round seem to still be most popular. The Black Croc/Brown Croc combo is always the most popular with the contrasting white stitching.

4. I noticed that Paris Hilton is a fan of Paolo handbags, what other celebs have snagged one?
Last week we shipped 4 bags to the Kardashian girls and their mom Kris (see pics above)The bags were amazing.

5. Any new designs for Paolo?

There will be several new designs for Fall/Winter 2008. We will keep you posted.

6. I noticed that you can design your own doctor bag? how long is the process and what would readers have to do to get one custom made?
We can generally ship a custom made personalized bag within 2 weeks, but customers with time sensitive issues for gifts receive FANTASTIC service to accommodate their needs. We love and welcome special requests, it is our forte.

7. What is the difference between the vintage bag and the regular doctor bag?
Regular doctor bags are slightly more rigid and can get significantly larger in size. The handles are small and arched, and the leathers that are used are much different. The colors offered in traditional doctor bags tend to be quite a bit more conservative and masculine.

8. Any tips for keeping these fab handbags in tip top shape?
These bags are all high quality top grain leather with many different colors and textures. I like to use leather upholstery wipes for convenience, it feeds the leather to keep the bags looking great. All of the handbags also have luggage bumpers to protect the bottom of the bags.

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