Tickled Pink

Nothing screams girly than painting my toe nails hot Barbie pink for spring and summer weather when I can get away with being quirky. “Girl it’s all in the attitude and the way you rock it,” says my beautician. “Don’t be scared to show of those hot pink toes, girl you are wearing Chanel,” she added. Chanel being the operative word. I went to the nail salon today to get a pedicure because I was feeling so down about not being able to wear stilettos. The next best thing I could think of was to get my beautician to paint my toes in a hot shade of pink. Not just any pink, Chanel pink. So before I got to the salon, I made a pit stop at Saks Fifth Avenue to buy my favorite Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Organdy to match my hot pink cast. The result, a brand new pedi in the shade of pink. Turn your day from drab to fab by painting your nails a fun happy color. It doesn’t have to be pink as long as it is Chanel. I know there are other brands out there but for today, wearing everything Chanel, from my jacket to my bracelet to my shoes and toes, made me feel so much better. G-L-A-M pause…. O-R-OUS!