The Original String ‘multi’ by Britta Uschkamp

On the top of my lust list for this weekend is this String Thong by Britta Uschkamp. The string bikini is playful and so sexy it would make Hugh Heffner blush. This thong is for those who are not afraid to be sensual and sexy. The lace and Lycra thong comes with two different colors of silk ribbon that can be worn in a myriad of styles. What more can be sexier than wrapping your body with lace ribbon?

The German born and London trained Uschkamp’s designs takes sensuality and eroticism to a new level. This dainty thong is devilishly alluring. I bet you can think of a couple of reasons to put on this hot number. The thong comes in pink and black and is available in one size only. Hello naughty recreation ;-). This is a must have in any woman’s underwear drawer for those special occassions or the days you need a pick me up.

ribbon thong in black

ribbon thong in Pink

The ribbon thong boxed set with cream and black ribbons.

Sexy packaging for the ribbon thong.

Booklet of instructions on how to wear the ribbon thong.